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ACSDA (America´s Central Securities Depositories Association)

It is a non-profit organization formed by the Securities Depositories and Clearing Houses of the Americas, based in Lima Peru. Its constitution was agreed in the first general assembly held in Lima Peru on August 10 of 1999. Its purpose is to be an place to share information and experiences between its members in a spirit of mutual cooperation. They develop works and promote recommendations for best practices in services of securities depositories such as custody, clearing and settlement of securities, risk management, supporting in the appropriateness of capital market regulation considering its particularities, and to serve as a communication channel with other organizations around the world.

ANNA (Association of National Numbering Agencies)

It is the Association of National Numbering Agencies. A numbering agency is responsible for controlling and assigning the ISIN and CFI codes, to the market issuers, according to the Technical Policies 4064, 3271 and 5538