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In Deceval, we implemented a new service model designed for the satisfaction of our customers

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Our Customers


In accordance with its profile, the type of contract and its customers DECEVAL needs are classified as:

Direct Depositors:


Are the entities, which according to the rules of operations of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, have direct access to the services of the Securities Depository and have signed the of Securities Deposit or Issue, either on its own behalf and / or on behalf of third parties.

Direct depositors who meet the qualifications set out in the regulations may also be direct depositors in the clearing and settlement system.


Indirect Depositors:

Are all legal and natural persons who can not directly access the services of the Depository, but under a contract of mandate entrusted to a direct Depositor in terms of existing rules and within its capability, the management of resources, securities and funds of the Company.

Indirect Depositors will be assigned a subaccount to be used at the national level. The identification of the subaccount will depend on the sole, joint, or joint and several ownership that the Indirect Depositor has within the Depository.



They are entities with securities listed in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers-RNVE.