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In Deceval, we implemented a new service model designed for the satisfaction of our customers

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Web page policy

The Web site has the highest security standards.
Nevertheless, we recommend the following precautions; so that your data will always be secure:

  • When using your password, make sure no one observes you
  • Do not share or let anyone have your password. If in doubt, request a new password through your Direct Depositor.
  • DECEVAL S.A. will never contact you, nor will it request any confirmation about your password.
  • You should always access the web site exclusively via the, never through emails or other web sites or pages.
  • Access your portfolio from secure terminals. Avoid using your password in public places.
  • Once you access the web site, confirm that that the protocol is https:// and not just http://.
  • If you find or observe any abnormal situations during the process please advise customer services at