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In complying with the guidelines found in its Policies for the Prevention and Control of Fraud and the provisions in its Code of Conduct, DECEVAL S.A. has implemented a mechanism for receiving reports on fraud or irregularities from some of our employees.

1. Fraud is understood to be any deceit or breach of trust performed, while avoiding all legal or contractual obligations and seizing rights in order to obtain his (her) own benefit or that of a third party while at the same time harming someone else’s interests.

  • Fraud is the result of social behavior that clashes with defined standards, and as such it must be taken from within a wide context where one or more persons, in order to obtain benefits for themselves or for third party, take advantage of someone else’s vulnerabilities and abuse their interests.

2. An irregularity is understood to be:

  • Any action which is not a fraud; however if it is not detected or controlled in time leads to a fraud.
  • All violations of the provisions contained in the Code of Conduct, whenever they become reprehensible actions or conduct; yet they do not constitute a crime because they have a lesser effect on property.
  • An omission by a Deceval employee that harms or might harm Deceval, its customers, suppliers or its other employees.
  • Within this concept there are those circumstances where actions are immoral or clearly harm labor relations.

If you prefer to present an anonymous report, fill in the mandatory information with fictitious data.