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In Deceval, we implemented a new service model designed for the satisfaction of our customers

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Custody of Local Securities

The custody of securities service has as its principal objective the safekeeping of local instruments their administration, maintain the confidentiality of the information and inform the issuer when dealing with securities made out to a named individual.

Value Proposition

• We eliminate the risk associated with the physical handling of securities.

• Trust derived from an advanced technological platform that has been adapted to the needs of the market participants.

• Speed in the registration of any change that may have an effect on the positions of its own securities or of third parties in the depository.

Ancillary Services

Immobilization of Securities

This is done with issues that circulate physically and whose securities are delivered physically to Deceval by the depositor in order to be immobilized and permitting its circulation electronically.

Dematerialized Custody

This is done with dematerialized issues, backed by macro instruments and represented by electronic registers.

Custody in other Depositories

This is carried out for securities placed with the Banco de la República (Colombian Central Bank) for internal public debt securities.

The securities which we receive and confirm are credited to the accounts or auxiliary accounts that have been established in the name of the depositor or of the third parties that the depositor represents. Once deposited, we provide for its circulation and negotiation in the market by Book-Entry.

Account Entry

This corresponds to the registration of transactions by debiting or crediting securities in the accounts of the depository.