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In Deceval, we implemented a new service model designed for the satisfaction of our customers

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Dematerialized Term Deposits (T/D)

Dematerialized Term Deposits (T/D)


This registry confers the same rights of a physical CDT, but has all the attributes incorporated in the technology, such as security against theft, fraud, loss or damage, speed of issuance, and ease of trading and redemption


The applicant of a dematerialized CDT receives a certificate of deposit (issued by Deceval) that is non-negociatble, but which acknowledge the ownership of the value and its dematerialized custody.

Your company can be more secure and efficient in the issuance process of a CDT through the network of offices, without physical securities issuance.

This issuance will be registered in Deceval in the account of the direct depositor and the sub account of the investor.

With the dematerialized issuance, you become the direct depositor of your client with DECEVAL.

Value proposition

For the issuer

•Dematerialized security.
•Reduce risks in custody.
•Reduce costs.
•Minimize the risk of theft through control of the issued CDTs.
•Support in control over Asset Laundering.
•Easy for extensions and reinvestments.

For the investor

•Avoid risks of physical handling (Loss, theft, falsification or damage).
•CDT custody and administered by experts.
•Speed of negotiation .
•Comfort: Having all the securities registered in only one account.

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aDematerialized Term Deposits (T/D)