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Exchange Traded Funds
DECEVAL created for the Colombian stock market , a solution that enables the issuance and cancellation of Exchange - traded funds ETFs .

ETFs are investment funds or collective portfolio securities traded like a stock , that can be bought and sold at any time during the trading days . Reproduce normally stock indices, fixed income and baskets of assets or shares.

The fund's performance depends on the behavior of asset prices for which is made . Therefore, the species created in the system should be valued against a unit of SIID fed periodically with the values ​​specified by the Administrator.

Market players ETFs

Manager / Manager or Issuer

Is the entity that management the fund, determines the composition of the basket, calculates and disseminates the value of the daily fund unit , controls and inform the assets of the fund. It’s responsible for the promotion and dissemination of information. It’s the only one with the ability to issue and redeem shares subsequently traded on the market.

Direct Depositor Authorized

It is supervised by the Financial Supervision entity that has a deposit agreement with DECEVAL SA Is authorized by the Administrator / Manager to participate in primary market transactions of incorporation or destruction ETF.

Direct Depositor
It is supervised by the Financial Supervision entity that has entered DECEVAL deposit agreement with SA You can only purchase the ETF by a licensed or making a purchase of secondary market trading Direct Depositor.

It is in charge of keeping a copy of the ETF for safekeeping, administration, clearance and settlement through the automated system called Anotación en Cuenta

Transferable Assets
Are the shares and other assets that are part of the Basket at any given time and is deposited in Deceval will be transferred as a contribution in kind to the Class Portfolio or trust or fund.


Are those natural or legal domestic or foreign, collective funds , pension funds and Severance Self and Wealth , or foreign equity funds abroad, among others , having Participation Units .

The ETF basket
Manager / Fund Manager is responsible for establishing the composition of the basket and determines the share of securities or underlying of the index of the ETF.

A basket of securities can be formed by reference COLCAP stock index whose composition will determine the values ​​that should be given as an underlying to constitute a ETF.

ETF’s Constitution
To establish the ETF a buyer (Authorized Depositor) delivers all the assets ​​that make up the basket including the money value and the Administrator gives a representative ETF value .

Cancelling ETF
Canceling the investor (Authorized Depositor) returns the ETF and Delivery Manager securities that make up the basket at the time of the transaction and the difference in money if any.

ETF available:

Market ETF iShares Fund COLCAP