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In Deceval, we implemented a new service model designed for the satisfaction of our customers

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Dematerialized Issues

Dematerialized Issues

The dematerialized issue is one that does not require the issuance of individual physical certificates. The issuer and DECEVAL subscribe a contract to back up each deposit of issues and the issuer and provides a macro title covers part all or part of the issue. From there, the primary subscription and placement conducted by the entries in accounts

Transactions can be registered by the clearing and settlement of free of payment or by delivery versus payment mechanisms.


Value Proposition:

•Reduces the risk of physical securities.
• Eliminates the management, monitoring and control of physical securities issued, and with this the risks of altering the securities ​​in the process of issuing and registration of transactions. Fraud and the risks of counterfeiting and tampering of securities is avoided.

• As issuer, you receive the information about transactions in the primary or secondary market online and in real-time.
• Eliminates administrative processes and subsequent physical operations on the securities issued. Are recorded by book-entry accounts.


• We custody the representative titles of the issuance and the registration of the same title in accounts of the depository.
• We pay through notation in account, individual loans or primary subscriptions in the accounts of direct depositors and beneficial owners.
• We register the transfers and charges on securities on deposit as instructions of direct depositors and its clients.

• We register transactions in the book of holders of registered securities covered by the contract. This allows for the perfection of the operation with the registration in the depository.

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Deposit of Dematerialized Issues
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