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Dematerialized Promissory Notes

Dematerialized Promissory Notes


This product developed by DECEVAL gives the financial markets an integrated solution to manage in dematerialized form the life cycle of the notes (Pagarés), thereby allowing quick, efficient processes, without risk and with high levels of security in web environment

Value Proposition

• Provides a secure system for the issuance, custody , management and circulation of the notes.
• Generate savings in cost of stationery, printing, storage, transport and physical management associated with the physical note.
• Mitigate the risks of deterioration, physical loss, forgery and falsification of the note.
• Enables the online management of information related to the lifecycle of the promissory note.
• Dematerialization of notes aims for better dynamics of transactions of transactions in the secondary market, thereby permitting the creation of collective portfolios easily streamlining the Colombian economy.
• Reduce the time associated with the securitization processes.
• Contribute to the conservation of the environment due to savings in the use of paper.


• Electronic platform for issuance and custody.
• Ability to compromise with the notes through the electronic platform.
• Certificates of Deposit.
• Portfolio information .
• B2B Integration

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Dematerialized Promissory Notes