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In Deceval, we implemented a new service model designed for the satisfaction of our customers

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Shares/ Standard Service
Standard equity services

Standard equity service

Equities management is a service created by DECEVAL S.A., responding to the needs of the equities issuers and their shareholders.
With this service, the issuer transfers the logistics and operating process related to the issue management to a high qualified and service oriented team.

Value proposition

For the issuer

•Mitigate the risk of impairment, loss, falsification and tampering.
•Receipt of timely information related to transactions of the securities in the secondary market.
• Reduction in administrative costs.

For the shareholders

• Mitigation of the risks of impairment, loss, falsification and tampering when the securities that represent the rights circulate in dematerialized form.
•Legitimization of social and economic rights through certificates supported by Deceval.
•Tracking of transactions ordered by intermediaries.
•Speed and security in transactions that you make with your shares.

Services for the issuer

•Dematerialization of the shares.
•Registration of transactions with shares in the stock market and OTC market.
• Control and bookkeeping of the record of shareholders.
•Update of holders’ basic data by order of the issuer.
•Management of new offerings of shares.
•DECEVAL contributes to the management of Asset laundering risk.
•Settlement and payment of dividends enacted.
•Periodic reports regarding the issuance.
•registry of special transactions (divisions, inheritances, donations, purchases of the same beneficial owner, and others).

Services for the shareholder

• Issuance of certificates of deposit accrediting you as owner of the shares.
•Payment of dividends in the fund accounts of the participant or the shareholders (Service on demand of the direct depositors) or on the day of payment.
• Issuance of deposit certificates in order to exercise social rights and the collection of income.
•Processing of depository changes in order to complete transactions in the stock market and OTC market.
•Registration of OTC market transactions (for quantities smaller than 66.000 UVR).
•Registration of special transactions (divisions, inheritances, gifts, purchases from the same beneficial owner, repossessions, etc.).

Standard Administration of Shares