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In Deceval, we implemented a new service model designed for the satisfaction of our customers

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Execution of Transactions

Execution of Transactions

We offer different alternatives to complete your securities transactions.

Free of payment (FOP)

In this transaction Deceval records the securities in the accounts and sub accounts of the direct depositors. The payment of the transaction is arranged externally by the participants.

Delivery versus payment (DVP)

In this case Deceval offers the opportunity to transfer the securities only if the counterparty completes the payment of the transaction. This service eliminates the risk of payment in negotiation of securities (counterparty, credit and liquidity).
Each time you register a sale of securities in the Deceval’s system of balances that is designated as DVP, or when a negotiation system sends a transaction, the security is blocked until the moment the purchaser has transferred the resources for the purchase.

Delivery versus delivery (DVD)

This is an automatic transaction that allows for the exchange of securities for securities, and the exchange of securities for cash. This type of operation allows simultaneous events, in which may occur, cancellation, primary annotation or secondary annotation of securities, according to the previously arranged conditions.